Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sprachferien Englisch

    With more then 100 years tradition in education, USA, UK, Ireland, Malta, Canada is opening the "gates" like it does in each year for its new students. For anyone capable to understand why a university is better to choose then other, well it's simple. We have so many reasons. For students who love the rainy England, and love to study where people like Harry Potter learned, you can start the student life in one of the following: York - Oxford - Totnes - Bournemouth - Brighton. I believe all are well known, and everybody knows the old and modern architecture of York University, everybody knows the professional system that once you are in, everybody gets. Oxford is nevertheless the top of the iceberg. Every student dreams to learn here, to become a part of the system. It's unique, it's special and it's memorable to become one of their students. 

 Besides all the good aspects, that all the teachers are closer to the students then you think, here you have the chance to discover all your hidden talents. Even though you applied to a certain profiles, in time you will take part to different projects, individual or in teams. This way all those who are tacking care on the student. It's a tradition, that not everyone is capable to "taste" it. Not everyone no matter how much money their parents have, can enter and remain in this system. It's not about how much information you can take, it's about how fast you can get from A to B, without being tired. To sum up, it's about being smart, being able to perform more tasks at the same time, without knowing, or noticing that you are tired. Not saying that they are making a small robot from you, but at age 20, you will be able to work 10h per week in a company, which will make you capable to get the best out from yourself. It's a test with you against, everyone, from everywhere. If back in your town you were the best in your highschool, here you maybe the no 100, from your class. Here the elites come and play the role of their life, play the best, because after graduate you can become a CEO of a big corporate, or a big Manager. This is what this universities are made for. They simply build up, people capable to perform better, then 100 people at one time. Why so !? Well, training, good information, working since the first year, are some of the ingredients that make this system to be one of the best in the world. 
Right now, few of those who will read this article, will understand the importance of what we are telling. Few will make the important step, and join the big circle. Right, you may ask yourself, why few and not all. Well it's simple. We can't be all presidents, we can't be all CEO's, and we can't be all doctors. Is very important to know what you want from your life, when you want it, and how much you want it. The power of your desire will contribute a lot more then you think. It's not a lie that people around us, sometimes are satisfied with their simple jobs, life, satisfied with their daily monotony. That's an aspect that you may consider usual even for those who are CEO, doctors. Well, is not. Life is complicated, more when you have needs, but you can't satisfy them. Here comes the life decisions when you need to make sacrifices in order to become something that you really want to. Sprachaufenthalt england  is the new way to become a leader. Choose smart, choose the best education for you.